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On Site Professional Development

Working with teachers in their classrooms and providing them with immediate feedback is the best way to produce results.

When Mollie coaches teachers, she ensures that she develops a relationship with them.  Her non-evaluative style allows teachers to ask questions and share their challenges. Mollie is then able to provide a high level of support. The outcome is empowerment of teachers to guide their students to higher levels of learning and a love of literature!






Mollie is prepared to model lessons, student conferences or small group work in a lab-site setting so that a number of teachers benefit at once. Follow-up conversations and analysis of student work always antecede the lessons. After observations, teachers have an opportunity to try out what they have observed with Mollie's guidance. Scaffolded support is provided. 





Mollie has received excellent results from "elbow coaching". She works side by side with a teacher during a lesson and guides the teacher to use effective language, probe for deeper understanding, and push the teacher's students to think and respond critically. 





Observing teachers is an ideal way for Mollie to understand where teachers are in the development of their craft. Observations are always followed by non-evaluative conversations that push teachers to think deeply about their practice and discover ways of strengthening it. 







Modeling Lessons
Observations and Feedback
Elbow Coaching

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