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"Thank you so much for facilitating a time to explore what is really important about writing instruction.  The workshop gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I really want to hold on to, and what I want to let go of, when coaching teachers through the new Units of Study."

-Fairfax, Virginia

Mollie's work with our faculty was invaluable! She was able to deepen our teachers' understanding of Writing Workshop and provided model lessons in each grade level. The discussion that followed the lessons was rich and allowed teachers to think about ways to connect what they learned from Mollie directly to their classroom practice.

-Jen, London, UK

"She is so talented. I could learn from her for days!"

-Alexandria, Virginia




"Can use immediately in the classroom!"

-Washington, DC

"After Mollie worked in my classroom with me, I ran home and said to my partner, 'Remember when professional development made you feel excited to be a teacher?!'"

-Margaret, New York, NY

Mollie has a wonderful way about her. She is an excellent teacher – very gifted. Her sense of humor kept me engaged. The two days flew by and I wish we had had more time.

-Washington, DC

"Mollie had so many examples of quality teaching - both videos and paper resources - that helped me understand her message. In addition, she gave us opportunities to try out the methods, which made the experience more meaningful and memorable."

-Alexandria, Virginia


"I have been using the workshop model for years, but with Mollie's coaching, my teaching - and my students' learning! - has really improved!"

-Barcelona, Spain

It was such an extraordinary pleasure to get to know Mollie and to learn from her these past two days at NPS!! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us in such a positive and uplifting way!

-Washington, DC


"Mollie is a very seasoned writing teacher and I felt lucky to have her as an instructor. I liked that she had also taught a variety of grade levels in different school settings and she was able to talk to different teachers' experiences. Even though we learned a lot over two days, she didn't make it seem overwhelming and was able to give us good advice for how to start out in your first year of Writers' Workshop. In addition to the content, I found it really helpful that she had suggestions for materials to use and different ways to physically set up Writers' Workshop in your classroom. Because of her teaching experience I felt like her advice was very authentic and was based on what she had tried herself in her own classroom."

-Alexandria, Virginia

"Mollie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding research-based instructional practices."

-MaryAnn, Barcelona, Spain

"I love the language she uses with her students. I made so many notes of little sayings and simpler ways to phrase big ideas."

-Alexandria, Virginia

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"Her expertise is proven with the ease she has explaining and modeling things to us. Mollie listened to our concerns and helped us flesh out ideas and mini-lessons. She did great job by having balance between lecture and practice."

-Alexandria, Virginia

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