Professional Development

in a Changing Landscape

The face of education has changed and will continue to change in the upcoming months. The need for high-quality education has never been more important and as such, neither has the need for high-quality professional development. I have designed several research-based, practical PD opportunities for teachers and school leaders. As always, my sessions and consultations are bespoke, based on the needs of the school community.

The goal of each session is to ensure that exceptional teaching transfers to the virtual or blended learning environment.

Please review the options below to learn more about how I can support your community during this time. Should you require support outside of these options, I will gladly create a plan for your school.

Virtual Workshops for Teachers

Content You are welcome to select from existing workshops (outlined here) or newly created workshops (listed below). Should you have a need outside of these sessions, I will design one for you! Each session is practical, inspiring and designed using cutting edge research. All workshops provide guidance on how to maintain a high level of instruction in a virtual setting. As with all my work, the sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the school. 


New sessions! 

Learning at Home for Our Youngest Students (PreK-2)

Passion Projects, Literacy Challenges and Self-Directed Learning for Older Students (2-5)

Modifying the Workshop Model to a Suit a Virtual Setting (K-5)


Structure  All sessions can be delivered synchronously, asynchronously or blended. When booking pre-recorded (asynchronous) sessions, you will have the option of scheduling individual or group follow-up support via video conferencing, telephone or using planning or reflection documents. 

Methods  Similar to traditional face-to-face professional development, the need for a variety of learning experiences is key. In these sessions, teachers will have the opportunity to come together (virtually!) and work in small groups. There will also be a chance for teachers to learn and reflect independently with time for follow up afterward. A myriad of active learning exercises will be used to ensure teachers are engaged. We won’t be staring at a screen for hours!


Scheduling These sessions can be structured as full days, half days or broken down into smaller modules given over time. Scheduling is flexible.

Virtual Small Group Work


An Enclave of Experts

Content  Teachers can sign up for these content-based clubs. In these clubs, we will explore a range of media related to the topic- articles, books, student work, videos, podcasts- in order to become experts on a topic. I will carefully plan each club by surveying the participants in advance of the first meeting to get a clear idea of what the members know and are eager to learn about. The trajectory of the club may change based on the participants evolving needs and interests. Members will also be encouraged to suggest material that they feel would benefit the group. *This structure could also be used for groups of parents as they work harder than ever to support their children.*

A few ideas for Enclaves!

*Managing Online Learning Fatigue

*Setting Up Spaces for Play-based Learning at Home

*Reading Workshop from Afar

*Phonics at Home: Fun and Accessible!

Scheduling A minimum of three one-hour sessions is required. Follow-up sessions during the academic year may be scheduled as desired.

Pricing  Three one-hour sessions package - $900 (Option: If you'd like to partner up with a school, the rate drops to $500 per school.)

Planning Parties

Content  While many grade levels have already designed unit plans for their literacy instruction, these plans will need to be reviewed and tweaked in order to bridge the learning gaps created this spring. They will also need to be modified to suit the likelihood that blended learning may occur in the fall. In these groups we will do just that. Using a finely tuned protocol, I will support teachers as they review and reflect on their plans, their experience with virtual teaching thus far, and their new goals for each unit. We will use this information to update the units of study so they match the needs of the learners, as well as the standards for each unit and grade level.

Scheduling A minimum of one three-hour session is required. Follow-up hourly sessions during the academic year may be scheduled as desired.

Leadership Consultation

Content  I have been carefully following the planning and decisions of school districts around the world and I understand the complexity of school leadership during a time as fluid as this one. Because of my in-depth research and my experience working with schools around the world, I am well equipped to work with school leaders to create action plans that meet the demands of these challenging times. 


While your school's needs will drive our discussions, some of our work together might include:


  • Using protocols to identify existing issues and predict future challenges. We will then come up with creative solutions and contingency plans.

  • Reviewing existing instructional practices and assessing their effectiveness

  • Troubleshooting specific challenges (communicating with families, working with resistant or struggling teachers, classroom design for social distancing, etc.)


All consultants will be followed up with a written report which includes recommendations and next steps.

Scheduling No minimum requirement. Available for one-on-one consultations or meetings with larger groups of school leaders and decision makers.